Multi Mentoring System - ออกแบบและทำเว็บไซต์


The Multi Mentoring System website is a group of scientific researchers in the northern of Thailand. The website provides the events and downloaded material regarding the events on the frontend. On the backend, users be able to collect all research project data from all universities in the northern. Later, these collected data will be used to generate the analytic graphs at the backend.



Project Detail

  • Pick the color theme (orange and dark color based on logo)
  • Design the whole website
  • Create the layout using Elementor plugin
  • It also supports the responsive design (PC, tablet, and mobile friendly)
  • Setup the website on server
  • Add custom post type for the specific content such as researchers list, the research project list and more
  • Implement the data access permission. Each user can manage only their own data. Only head office users can manage the entire data.
  • Export the specific data to excel file by the custom plugins
  • Create the WordPress shotcode for displaying the data on the projects page (table and charts style)
  • All new features created by the custom plugins so the client can disable the unused plugin as they need


New Design Screenshot


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